Aerobild AAC blocks are made to exact specifications as prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and ISO 9000 parameters. What it implies is that every single Aerobild block is consistent in terms of quality, physical and chemical properties and the overall benefits that ensue.

Stringent quality policy dictates periodic quality audit. A sample of every batch of Aerobild AAC blocks is tested for compressive strength, dimensional consistency, workability and other critical parameters in the highly equipped quality lab. All tests are monitored closely to meet the zero tolerance priority.

All processes are automated and are monitored at the well appointed Control Tower.


While the value that Aerobild brings to a construction far outweighs the cost, the savings Aerobild engineers far outweighs any other building material.

A direct comparison between Aerobild AAC and conventional building material, on various parameters, have been tabulated for easy comprehension and to demonstrate direct savings.

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