High-performance construction adhesive.

Aerobond is a high-strength construction adhesive for quick and firm grip of AAC blocks with multiple construction materials like Aerated lightweight concrete, fly ash bricks, hollow cement bricks, and cellular concrete blocks.
Aerobond is designed to be used with water and provides high tensile adhesion strength that defines international standards.

Aerobond Advantages

High Strength

No Curing Adhesion

Fast & Economical

Long Working Time

No Seepage


Thin Jointing

No Efflorescence

Easy To Use



One bag of Aerobild can be mixed with 11-14 liters of water depending on the consistency and requirement ensuring, no lumps by mixing it thoroughly with a stirrer is the last and crucial step in preparing Aerobond.

Usage Instruction

Wet the surface before applying Aerobond.
Apply a uniform layer of 2-3 mm of Aerobond.
Place another unit of AAC block on a mortar bed and hammer it with a rubber mallet lightly on the top.

Comparison with Conventional Mortar

Cement= Rs.3.00 + Stand=Rs.1.80 Total=Rs. 4.80 / Sq.Ft.
Not Possible
Minimum 7 days curing required
Manual mixing and not possible to test every batch
Not possible due to difference in properties of blocks and mortar
More shrinkage cracks
Difficult to keep stock of different components and high wastage

Technical Specifications

Appearance - Free flowing powder
Colour - Grey
Base - Cement with modified polymer powder
Density - 2.0 gm/cc
Water Demand - 20-21%
Workability - Very Good
Self Curing Yes
Tensile Adhesion strength - 1.0 N/
Package sizes - 25KG and 40KG bags
Shelf Life - 6 Months

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